Anwaar, is a pattern designer and artist based in Kuwait.

She founded a design studio ‘Artista’ back in 2012, and a lifestyle brand ‘Şafaknür’ based Istanbul, Turkey.

About Me

I’ve always been passionate about drawing and colors. Growing up, I decided to grow my skills further and start my own professional career around painting and designing.

My Journeys


Surface Pattern Design

Back in 2011, before establishing ‘Artista’, Anwaar was looking for an idea or specialization to start a new company. That’s when she fell in love with patterns …

Logo Designs

Next to pattern designs, Anwaar worked on logo design projects which can be viewed below …

isometry art

Digital Designs

‘Artista’ is a design brand I founded back in 2012. And most of the designs I worked on were digital designs, including illustrations, logo design, branding, and surface pattern designs.

rumi tezhip

Islamic Illumination Art (Ottoman Art)

In 2015 I was first introduced to this beautiful art. It’s versatile and elegant in using gold-leaf to paint with.

fashion art

Fashion Illustrations

Fashion illustrating is another art I worked on for years. It’s an enjoyable and fun art that involves a lot of creativity and painting.

Blog Posts

To read articles posted in my website, you can click the link below to access the blog posts page.

Planning and Further Organizing: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly?
What is planning? And how does it assist you in your life? …
Painting Lesson: How to Paint and What Paints to Use
Painters, artists, and designers … did you wonder a lot about what …

Anwaar’s Online Courses

English Islamic Ornamental Course

Small sized floral painting (without materials)


Self-paced / Online

English Islamic Ornamental Course

Online Rumi Semse Pattern Design (without materials)


Self-paced / Online

Private Floral Islamic Illumination Workshop
ornamental art

Medium sized floral ornamental painting (without materials)



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Kuwait City, Kuwait