GITEX 2015

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Last week, I participated at the GITEX 2015 exhibition was held at Dubai which was my very first time!

I heard about this exhibition from my father before but never had the chance to visit it until recently. It was such a great opportunity to be present and look at the different companies who participated there as well. Although the halls were spacious but they were crowded with both visitors and exhibitors. Gitexgitex

I participated in an exhibition in Kuwait before but this was a new experience to me. When you attend an exhibition outside your country it creates a different experience. You get to meet foreigners and helps you seek job/collaboration opportunities.


I went to GITEX with my family to represent my small business ‘Artista’. I serve as both the CEO and designer of the company. Having to manage and design is such a difficult task! But the good thing about all of this is that I get to work on something I truly love. That makes every effort and time spent worth it to me.

Twitter: anwaar_saleh

Instagram: anwaar.saleh

Artista’s Website:

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