Day at Office

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My usual day at office goes like this …

artistamorning2.pngBring in my laptop and notebooks, sit on my chair, and brainstorm while having my cup of coffee from caribou. Lately, I get lazy carrying all of my stuff every time I go to the office so I only carry my journal and a pen or pencil.


A lot went in the past few months and I didn’t visit my office as much as I used to. So, during that time until now I’ve been working at home to get as much of my work done as I could instead of waiting when I am able to head to the office.

It’s unfortunate since the office gives a perfect mood to work instead of working from home. But let’s hope that my circumstances get better for me to work as I used to.


My usual work includes organizing my ideas, analyzing my business until this point, and create new designs and solutions. As much as I enjoy doing all of this alone, but it’s tiring. That’s why I tend to lessen the work and limit my working hours to be able to concentrate again.

The best thing is that I love designing and I believe that all the effort I’m putting since the beginning will pay off one day.

My Visit to Lush

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I went to ‘Lush’ last week to try out their hair products. It’s not my first time visiting them but it’s been a while.


I have high fascination over organic products. So I did a little research before visiting ‘Lush’. I went over to their website and looked at the list of products they offer. It was totally amazing!


If I hadn’t do that research part I wouldn’t have bought anything. When I have wide selections to choose from without having any idea what to choose, I always end up not buying anything.

So far I truly like their products and I like their smell too!

Fashion Illustrations

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Since the beginning of this year I tried illustrating something different than I used to. I tried illustrating fashion illustrations. I absolutely love fashion and thought it’d be a good idea for me to try out a new direction. After trial and error and illustrating for months I can finally see improvement in my sketching and illustrating style. At first, I depended on my pencil for my primary sketches and drawings then inked them with a thin tipped black marker. However, yesterday I was able to pull off a whole illustration using a black marker directly. And below is the result:

fashion illustrationfashion illustrationfashion illustration

This is the latest fashion illustration I did featuring this beautiful dress by Ralph and Russo Couture F/W 2014.

I’m delighted with the improvement in my drawing and coloring styles and would love to do more illustrations in the upcoming days. You can check out my old illustrations in my instagram account posted below. Also, if you have any question/request feel free to email me at any time: anwaar.sa87(at)

Instagram: anwaar.saleh

Twitter: anwaar_saleh 

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