Day at Office

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My usual day at office goes like this …

artistamorning2.pngBring in my laptop and notebooks, sit on my chair, and brainstorm while having my cup of coffee from caribou. Lately, I get lazy carrying all of my stuff every time I go to the office so I only carry my journal and a pen or pencil.


A lot went in the past few months and I didn’t visit my office as much as I used to. So, during that time until now I’ve been working at home to get as much of my work done as I could instead of waiting when I am able to head to the office.

It’s unfortunate since the office gives a perfect mood to work instead of working from home. But let’s hope that my circumstances get better for me to work as I used to.


My usual work includes organizing my ideas, analyzing my business until this point, and create new designs and solutions. As much as I enjoy doing all of this alone, but it’s tiring. That’s why I tend to lessen the work and limit my working hours to be able to concentrate again.

The best thing is that I love designing and I believe that all the effort I’m putting since the beginning will pay off one day.

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