The Indian Heritage

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Last week, I went to the ‘Indian Heritage’ store. It’s an Indian textile store full of preppy textiles and fabric. I love going there and walking around the store staring at the wonderful fabrics.

As you can see in the photos they showcase their fabrics in different ways including cushions and sofas.


The store has two stories. The first one has fabrics and designed clothes while the second has some furniture and fabrics for curtains and furniture.

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This week I worked less on fashion illustrations and I’m absolutely not happy about this at all T__T.

It’s true I’m getting better at managing my time but sometimes things don’t go my way. So, I decided to practice more fashion sketches and illustrations and get better at drawing body poses at least. I improved a little in drawing side body poses but the face … Let’s not get into that right now :D.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.09.05 PM

A day ago I bought a kindle book from Amazon called ‘Advanced Fashion Drawing’ which I’m reading currently. I downloaded a sample first and liked the preview which made me purchase it immediately. After that I started searching for more fashion illustrating books and my wish list piled up >_<.

When I have the chance to read the whole book I’ll definitely leave my review and tell you exactly what I thought about it.

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