New Illustration Style

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It’s been a year since I dived into fashion illustration. I wasn’t too confident in my skills and didn’t find it that interesting at the beginning. But as I became good at illustrating I can’t spend a day without doodling and drawing fashion illustrations



One thing I really find useful in developing my own skills is practice of course. I kept drawing even when my style wasn’t that good. And what also helps is that I take some time to reflect on my drawings and resources. I always look up for what’s new when it comes to trends, books, and online courses. It’s hard for me to attend actual courses because of my busy schedule which is why instead of making up excuses, I look for an alternative.

paoloweddingdressHowever, the one thing that’s still confusing me is what I’m going to do with these illustrations. I started selling some of them in my own brand’s (Artista) etsy store though. You can look at them here:


And if you look at my instagram feed you’ll find many of my illustrations there. Honestly, I didn’t post all of my fashion illustrations on instagram. Which is why I’ll finish coloring them and will post them after that.

And regarding my new style here are some illustrations:

kimono pinkdress


I love drawing my models this way. This is my newest illustrating style and I enjoy practicing it a lot. Aside from my instagram feed, I add a lot of these in Artista’s snapchat: Artistakw. I sometimes draw them live so you can watch the process in my brand’s account.

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