The Rampage by Exile

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While looking through the videos and pictures stored in my iPhone, I remembered few clips I took while I was in Kyoto station.

When I first arrived with my family at Kyoto station we heard loud music, and cheering. I got eager to take a look at what was going on there. I was pretty sure that there was some kind of a concert going on there but I didn’t know the performer nor the occasion.

After lunch and before going back to the hotel (the hotel was located in Kyoto station itself), I decided to take a look and witness such a thing for the first time. I got up to where the concert was and I was surprised by the number of people present. Fan girls screamed cheering for the band while the rest sat watching. To my surprise, the band was none other than …



The Rampage by Exile!!!!





Actually when I heard the screams I thought they were Exile themselves especially the kind of songs that were playing were dancing songs. I hoped that they released an album or single the time I was in Japan but sadly they were touring. I think their finale is on May 18th.

The good thing is that I was able to record some clips of them singing, dancing, and talking. Also, I got to record them while taking a selfie with their fans which was such a lovely scene!

I was able to record them while singing and dancing too but I can’t seem to upload them in this post. I’m also working on writing the lyrics for the song I recorded :). So if I’m able to catch the words I will update this post.



Below are partial lyrics for one of their songs:

This is a lie
この間違ない better feel 始まりの時
I gotta find a way

Back to Kuwait

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After my one month stay in Japan I returned home last Saturday. As much as I loved being overseas, I missed home a lot. Most of all, I missed my room! It’s the place I get all of my inspiration and crazy ideas at, lol.


Although I bought a bunch of markers and paints from there, I went to a stationery store today and bought even more. The thing is that I don’t focus on purchasing acrylics because I don’t paint on canvases a lot. But yesterday I painted a small pattern design on a regular A4 paper. When I woke up today I was determined to trace that design on a small 20x20cm canvas. Therefore, I bought some really good acrylic paints and went back to my design.

FolkArt acrylics are truly good and they have too many shades of colors that I have hard time choosing what to buy! There are different types like the ones in the above image. There are ‘glow in the dark’ paints, normal acrylics, and metallic paints. I’ll try painting my newest pattern using these and will post the result when I’m done with it.

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Illustrations and Markers

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While in Tokyo, I got to visit various stationery stores where I got amazing markers and pens. Whenever I saw the copics section I had hard choice to choose from the many shades available. What I did was that I captured and wrote the ones I bought before as to not buy them again. And that definitely helped a lot when choosing later. After that, I got tempted to try them when drawing new illustrations. When I purchased few at first it was easy to get them out and use them but then when the collection increased, I put them away. I’m waiting until I return home to use them freely.

I’ll show you some of my drawings during my stay in Japan.

I had a lot of fun sketching these wherever I went. The only thing that bothered my was carrying my sketchbook and markers in my purse. The thing is that I developed shoulder pain for more than two years now and I get irritated whenever I carry anything even if it was light in weight.

In my free time, I either erased and re-draw some of my illustrations or drew something completely new. I’m content with my current pencil drawing skills but not that much when it come to coloring. One of the reasons I guess has to do with the limited shades I currently have. For copics, I had only 72 markers to color with. As for watercolors, I have the standard colors which makes it hard for me to create different shades for each drawing. I’ll show you my art tool collections and post about their uses and what I liked and what I didn’t when I get back home.

Also, I’m thinking of posting more videos on the WIP for my illustrations. The thing is that I still didn’t tidy up my workshop back at home which makes it difficult for me to record any video. Although I have an office where I usually do meetings with my customers and such, but having to carry all of my markers with me and my sketchbook is hectic. Which is why there is a lack of videos and even designs sometimes. But that definitely has to change, right?

Aside from this, I’m thinking of doing major changes to my own brand ‘Artista’. There are many mistakes I did especially when it comes to promoting it. Which is why I’m starting a new beginning with it. I may even delete all of the images and start again (if required).

I’ll post more about my brand and myself in my future posts so look forward to them. Since this is my longest post so far I’ll end it at that and see you later.

Btw, you can find more in my instagram: anwaar.saleh

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