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After my one month stay in Japan I returned home last Saturday. As much as I loved being overseas, I missed home a lot. Most of all, I missed my room! It’s the place I get all of my inspiration and crazy ideas at, lol.


Although I bought a bunch of markers and paints from there, I went to a stationery store today and bought even more. The thing is that I don’t focus on purchasing acrylics because I don’t paint on canvases a lot. But yesterday I painted a small pattern design on a regular A4 paper. When I woke up today I was determined to trace that design on a small 20x20cm canvas. Therefore, I bought some really good acrylic paints and went back to my design.

FolkArt acrylics are truly good and they have too many shades of colors that I have hard time choosing what to buy! There are different types like the ones in the above image. There are ‘glow in the dark’ paints, normal acrylics, and metallic paints. I’ll try painting my newest pattern using these and will post the result when I’m done with it.

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