The Rampage by Exile

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While looking through the videos and pictures stored in my iPhone, I remembered few clips I took while I was in Kyoto station.

When I first arrived with my family at Kyoto station we heard loud music, and cheering. I got eager to take a look at what was going on there. I was pretty sure that there was some kind of a concert going on there but I didn’t know the performer nor the occasion.

After lunch and before going back to the hotel (the hotel was located in Kyoto station itself), I decided to take a look and witness such a thing for the first time. I got up to where the concert was and I was surprised by the number of people present. Fan girls screamed cheering for the band while the rest sat watching. To my surprise, the band was none other than …



The Rampage by Exile!!!!





Actually when I heard the screams I thought they were Exile themselves especially the kind of songs that were playing were dancing songs. I hoped that they released an album or single the time I was in Japan but sadly they were touring. I think their finale is on May 18th.

The good thing is that I was able to record some clips of them singing, dancing, and talking. Also, I got to record them while taking a selfie with their fans which was such a lovely scene!

I was able to record them while singing and dancing too but I can’t seem to upload them in this post. I’m also working on writing the lyrics for the song I recorded :). So if I’m able to catch the words I will update this post.



Below are partial lyrics for one of their songs:

This is a lie
この間違ない better feel 始まりの時
I gotta find a way

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