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I draw daily, which is why I don’t always notice any progress I make.

When I first started fashion illustrating, I was on the verge of giving up. I didn’t have my own style at that time and didn’t know where to begin.

But one day I got the chance to look at some of my old drawings and I was beyond shocked. I never knew that I progressed that much already! That gave me a boost to continue.

I took photos of some illustrations I drew last February:

1 2

As you can see, my drawings lack lots of details. That, and the size is much smaller than the ones I draw now! I don’t know why I used to sketch them this small, lol. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the sketchbook I was using is small to begin with.

Gradually, I started progressing. I drew almost every single day just to improve. And instead of the small sketchbook I used, I started purchasing bigger ones to help me draw in a large scale. I mean if I want to sell a print customers wouldn’t want to see a tiny drawn model, lol.


As for the materials, I mainly use copics. I have a set of 72 ciao copics + few sketch + few classic markers. Sadly, I still don’t have all shades but I can certainly work with the current shades I have. As for pencils, I love mechanical pencils. They’re clean and you can refill it easily. Especially when sketching, I love using it because it keeps your sketch clean.

For brushes, I use regular ones from any Stationery or crafts store.

Below is my collection of acrylics and gouache paints.



Before ending this post, do not forget to sign up for my new class on how to draw patterns on fashion illustrations: The free enrollment links will expire on June 30th. So if you want to register for free here is the link:

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It’s Published!

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Remember my online teaching class? I published all videos yesterday!

Now you can access the class and take your time watching the clips and working on your project. As I mentioned in my previous post, I uploaded a 1-minute intro video on YouTube: And I uploaded the same video in my personal and brand instagrams.

If you click on link below, you’ll get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes:

Or you can access the class here:

Again, this is a short course of 16 minutes. And this definitely will not be my last class. You can follow me on twitter, instagram, and snapchat for any updates. And you can also watch my designs and illustrating process in my social accounts too.

Since I didn’t get to draw and paint the sketch I used in the video, I may upload a short clip of the process soon. Also, I’d like to talk more about the materials I use for painting and may as well record another video and upload it on YouTube.

Instagram: Anwaar.Saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

Drawing Patterns Online Course

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I was going to wait a little bit longer before publishing this post but I couldn’t wait!

For few months I had in mind undergoing a new experience. Which is teaching. I was going to hold an actual teaching course but I didn’t have enough time to prepare. It was two weeks before Ramadan that I finally decided to give it a try. And those two weeks weren’t enough at all. Anyway, I stopped preparations and focused on my daily sketching routine.

I joined last year and I’ve been keeping an eye for classes related to my brand and specialization. I enrolled in many classes but didn’t finish all of them. I liked how organized the website is and the whole teaching process is made easy. I never thought that teaching online is not that hard!

Which is why …. I’m challenging myself by teaching online in Skillshare!


It’s a new experience for me and I definitely am shaky and a little worried. English is not my first language which feels like an obstacle to me. Second, I’m not familiar with the whole teaching thing which makes me indecisive sometimes on the way I should be transmitting certain ideas. Yet, as long as I have the opportunity to try teaching online for the first time ever I will grab this chance and learn from my mistakes later.

So without any further a due, here are the details:

Below is a 1-minute intro to the course:

Title: Drawing Patterns on Fashion Illustrations.

Since my main specialization is patterns I decided to give out this short course on patterns.


The duration of this online course is around 16 minutes, and I chose two patterns to illustrate. The first one is lace and the second is golden swirls. Since it’s not a full course I’m illustrating them quickly while explaining how to do so.

I’m publishing the intro video tonight and will begin uploading the rest of the videos the next couple of days. So you access the project here:

For more, you can view my instagram and snapchat to learn more about the process and updates:

Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw.

Ramadan 2016

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Since returning from Japan I’ve been busy assembling, editing, and creating new designs. That, and there is the daily practice thing too. Days ago I looked at some of my old illustrations I did months ago and I was shocked! At that time I thought my illustrating style was really good and I was so proud of my work but looking at it now, I can’t help but laugh, lol.

Still, that didn’t demotivate me to quit. I’ve been practicing even more these days for I believe it’s time to develop my style even more now. I don’t always have the time to practice that much especially when it comes to painting, which is why I have my sketchbook and black markers with me almost all the time.

This helped me work anywhere I was and at any time. I don’t have to stay at my own studio to design or paint. I can easily do that anywhere.


Back to the present, I cannot believe that 10 days are already gone from the beginning of Ramadan! In this holy month, muslims from all over the world fast from dawn till sunset for a whole month. During Ramadan, the whole atmosphere differs from any other month.  Our meal differs a little, we were long dresses called ‘Dara’a’, and we gather more. There is around 20 more days till the end of Ramadan so I’ll talk about it even more in my next post(s). So far, I’ve been to several gatherings and as much as I’d like to take full photos of my outfit and makeup but I forget to do so. The night is too short and I actually don’t have a photographer around. Which is why I captured parts of my outfits.

For the latest gathering I work chevron peplum vest with black trousers and glittery shoes by Kurt Geiger. I bought top finger rings from Japan and I loved them.

For my makeup, I made a list of the products I used at that day:

Concealer: Jill Stuart, cream yellow #03

Foundation: I mixed Bobbi Brown, warm beige + Jill Stuart liquid foundation, nude #103

Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner from Heroine + Mint green eye pencil, #11.

Lipliner: Illamasqua, Severity.

Lipstick: First I applied Viva Glam Matte from Mac, then applied Dark Romance #177 from IsaDora.

Blusher: Cream cheek base from Laduree, #02.

Highlighter: Canmake, milky white #01.

I’m having another gathering tomorrow and I hope I’ll get to photograph myself this time. Take a look at my instagram feed for my latest illustrations and patterns.


Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw


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