Karolina Kurkova at Met Gala 2016

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I drew an illustration of Karolina few days ago in my sketchbook and decided to paint it yesterday. For the past few weeks I was too busy to sit down for an hour or so and paint my sketches. I ended up having too many WIP sketches and drawings on my desk!

This time I decided to record the process of painting my illustration. Too bad I didn’t record the previous one but I think I’ll be recording most of my upcoming paintings and illustrations. It’s better to get people to see my way of painting and illustrating. So whenever I have free time I’ll keep recording and showing the process more whether it’s on YouTube, instagram, or snapchat. Now, even Instagram has a story where you can record short videos. It’s hard to record everything on all social platforms which is why I’ll choose where to record my process before starting with it. I’m also thinking of doing live stream on Facebook and Periscope. I remember recording myself once on Periscope so it was easy to handle.

Still I didn’t decide exactly when I’ll do it, but I’ll do a Q&A session soon. It’ll be between 30 minutes to an hour. It all depends on the engagement I’ll get.

Aside from that, I’ll paint my old sketches and perhaps I’ll redraw and paint some of the looks I illustrated in the past few months. Whenever I compare my old and new illustrations I get amazed by the progress I did in few months only. Which makes believe that nothing’s completely impossible.

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel:


Instagram: Anwaar.saleh

Twitter: Anwaar_saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

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