What kept me busy? (Part 1)

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Remember in my last blog post I mentioned having a busy schedule? I’ll tell you what kept me busy aside from the festival’s preparations.

For years I studied Japanese language by myself. I relied on the internet jumping from one source to the other until I understood the language. Since I didn’t have anyone to converse with, I started forgetting most of the vocabulary I learned throughout the years as well as the grammar. I then decided to translate lyrics and novels to refresh my memory and learn more along the way.

So, for the first time in my life I joined a Japanese language course last November. It was a dream for me to step up and show my interest in learning/knowing Japanese. However, I didn’t know of any institution that teaches the language until that day when I saw an ad on Instagram.

I called up the institution and agreed on their terms then joined the course for a whole month. Before registering, though, I made sure the teacher was of Japanese origin. Else I would’ve canceled and searched for another institution. I decided to start the language class as soon as possible for I knew my schedule will always be busy from now on. Now, I feel so glad I did join one for I can always go for the higher level and socialize with other Japanese learners.

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As I mentioned, the course went for a whole month, 3 times a week, and for 2 hours. It was exciting but tiring as well. Japanese is known to be a difficult language. So at the end of each class I felt a headache. But I did enjoy the material the teacher gave me. Above all, having a teacher to guide me meant a lot. Therefore, if I had a question or needed a guidance to study further I have someone to ask.


At the last class, my Japanese teacher invited to the National Day party that took place at the Japan Embassy in Kuwait. I was debating whether to go or not until the time of the party. At the end I decided to go. It was my very first time attending such a formal party where Ambassadors from different Embassy where there as well as Japanese citizens.


Since it’s a Japanese party so the dinner was all sush and sashimi (which is heaven :D). The place was crowded so I didn’t get to taste everything but was really grateful for the invitation. I truly did enjoy my time and was happy to be there.

After all of this, I’m thinking of studying Japanese even more and I’ll practice the language as much as I can. It’s a loss to start and discontinue, isn’t it?