Seoul 2017

As they always say, there is a first time for everything. That’s exactly what came to my mind when I went to Seoul on October 2017. It was during my birthday too! What a coincidence, lol.

IMG_6280 IMG_6282

My family and I stayed there for three days and we resided at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square ( JW 메리어트 동대문 스퀘어 서울 ). Since we were there for a short visit, I had to get out my list of places I wanted to visit and went out from morning till the evening.


I was excited the most to see King Sejong’s ( 세종 ) monument and the Gyeongbokgung Palace ( 경복궁 ). I’ve been watching Historical Korean Dramas for years and for me to visit these historical places was really fun and amazing. I recorded as much as I could on Snapchat my whole visit but they’re gone already. I’m thinking of uploading a video on Youtube if possible. I really hope the quality will be good.

JW Mariotte Dongdaemun Square

The next places I love to visit in any country I travel to are the cafes. I do know Seoul has good cafes where you can enjoy your time sipping coffee and I was right about it. However, I noticed that coffee in Korea is not as strong as other places like Japan and even here in Kuwait. The first sip you feel the strong taste of coffee but then it’s almost gone. I read an article regarding places to visit in Korea and the author mentioned the same comment about coffee in Korea. So I’m not the only one who noticed it. If you love drinking light/medium coffee you’ll probably like their coffee. However, if you’re a heavy coffee drinker perhaps you won’t prefer it. But what’s interesting is the coffee flavors. I remembered tasting Sweet Potato Latte which was really delicious. The taste of sweet potato was really strong which I loved. Since my visit was during fall it’s no wonder they offer such a flavor.

The other place that I really enjoyed was the Bukchon Hanok Village ( 북촌한옥마을 ). I loved walking around the place and shopping. It’s a place that I recommend anyone visiting Seoul to check it out.

In a later post, I’ll mention the cafes I went to with some information and details on where you can find them.


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