The Exiled Angel

This is a full length novel I completed writing back in 2011 and it’s a pure fantasy oriented novel. It took me two full years to complete writing and once I finished it, I was so thrilled to get it published!

I started searching and contacting a lot of publishing houses but didn’t succeed. Up until few years ago I constantly contacted different publishers and publishing houses but ended up having my story printed and bound waiting for any opportunity to publish it.

Along the way, I decided to reach out for an editor and came across where I got my whole story edited and proofread. It was so easy to work with them and the whole process wasn’t complicated or anything. Few week later, I reprinted the story after working on the edited parts then received a special ISBN number from The Kuwait National Library.

I wasn’t excited about self-publishing my novel. But noticing a lot of authors nowadays are self-publishing their own books, I have a chance to do that as well. However, I only have my book on Kindle format and for specific countries according to Amazon’s terms. I tried accessing it from Kuwait but it didn’t work for me.


The time when I wrote my novel, I was completely indulged into the fantasy genre. I remember buying fantasy and sci-fi novels as well as watching fantasy movies. And the more I read stories like LOTR the inspired I am to write one myself. So with those ideas collectively in mind, ‘The Exiled Angel’ was born.

When I first started writing it, the whole storyline was different. Yet, I began writing to know exactly what I should be omitting and adding. At that time, I figured that it was best to be wrote from the very beginning. I wrote three times and the third is the last version that I got published.

The story is fictional fantasy novel and this is the synopsis:

The Kingdom of Tynra eagerly awaits the news of Queen Esna’s labor, but little do any of them realise that the birth of the newborn prince will change the history of Tynra forever for the newborn Aalgil has a mark under his right eye revealing he is cursed. The terror and despair of this revelation threatens to tear King Meno, his queen and the kingdom apart. When Meno’s brother Rital arrives and sees his nephew has the same unique bloodline, meaning the cursed child of the generation has arrived, the men argue about Aalgil’s birth and destiny. Rital finally leaves, hatching a plot with the goal to ultimately overthrow Meno from his throne.

Aalgil’s older brother and heir to the kingdom is the five-year-old Jinai, who is forever seeking ways to learn about the world outside the castle and escape the clutches of his watchful servants. He is concerned about his baby brother and his seemingly inconsolable mother but continues to seek his own adventures. A visit to the village brings him into contact with Jegu, who works as a welder and challenges him not to give into the guards who have come looking for him. Jinai is somehow aware Jegu is not just anyone and feels a connection with him. The king also encounters Jegu when he goes into the village and it troubles him. Jegu himself lives a simple life with his foster parents and is not interested in gossip about the castle, but grows suspicious about the looks his parents exchange when the royal family is mentioned. He is also visited by a mysterious woman who tells him the castle will one day be his and he starts to but two and two together.

The castle prepares for the celebration of Aalgil’s birth but the baby is already proving difficult. His cries make the queen and servants dizzy and are loud enough to break windows. King Meno consults a book his father gave him containing family history in order to learn what to do about the curse, but some of it is so dark he can’t bear to look at it. His father also left him bracelets that were designed to protect the bearer with a golden light. Meno first used them against Rital when his older brother would not accept the throne had been left to him, but his attempts to use them on Aalgil fail when he is enveloped in black ribbons. The only one that seems to reach Aalgil is Handu, the daughter of the King of Fena who visits Meno just before the party. The accident prone Handu is able to quiet Aalgil’s cries by just touching his cheek. The visit also brings her into contact with Jinai for the first time and is the start of an unlikely friendship.

At the celebration of Aalgil’s birth the lazy servant Jenu continues to eavesdrop on the conversations between the royal families, slipping information to Rital who has attended without an invitation. Jinai catches him putting something into her hands and later confronts his uncle in Aalgil’s chamber. He doesn’t realise Rital has slipped the infant a potion but later finds a bottle with a mysterious substance inside. Jinai decides to try and identify what is in the bottle but his investigative journey only puts him on the radar of Rital’s companions who bind him with snakes and take the bottle. When Jinai returns home he overhears Jegu talking to the king and demanding to see his “mother”, Queen Esna. Jinai is shocked at this revelation but his father refuses to tell him anything. Jinai returns to his chamber where he is again attacked by snakes. This time one of the snakes is left with him and he is warned that it will bite him if he reveals anything he knows.

Four years pass and Queen Esna has become very fragile. Jegu has disappeared and her mother is dead. Esna has tried to follow her mother’s advice to love Aalgil so the darkness won’t grow in his heart, but Aalgil rarely speaks to anyone and is cold and distant. One day he sees his father’s crown and decides he wants it for himself and the thought makes him smile for the first time in his life. On his fifth birthday he tries to get the crown by putting pressure on his father’s hand and sending black ribbons to choke Meno. When physicians take him away to seal the curse they are stopped by cloaked men who kill them and take Aalgil away.

Three years pass and all hopes of finding Aalgil have disappeared. Meno is stricter than ever and travels a lot, often taking Jinai with him leaving Esna alone. During these travels Jinai meets Handu again. She is still clumsy and when her parents berate her at the dinner table, Jinai sticks up for her, later encouraging her to be the best of all of them. When Handu expresses regret at him leaving Jinai’s heart flutters. However, it’s not to be a fairytale ending for Aalgil returns to the castle much changed, and attacks and kills Jinai, then kills Esna when she attempts to reason with him. The kingdom plunges into mourning and the royal court seeks to exile Aalgil but he escapes. When he is brought before Rital, his uncle berates him for going it alone and persuades him to stick to their plan. Aalgil agrees but has already decided he doesn’t want Rital to be king.

Ten years pass and Aalgil is hated throughout Tynra. The Tynrans often stand outside the castle gates with flowers and candles, chanting mourning songs and hymns. As Aalgil draws nearer, Meno makes preparations for their final show down, reading the family book for the last time before destroying it. The other kings are also making preparations, sending their families to safer places. King Apin’s wife and daughters leave, knowing they won’t see him again. Handu is amongst them and while still gloomy over Jinai’s death, she is no longer a useless cry baby and thanks to the sword training Jinai gave her, and her gold bracelet, she is able to defeat a wolf like creature that attacks their caravan.
Aalgil puts his final plans into motion, killing the kings of Fena and Hilee, his uncle and trainers, before finally arriving at Tynra to meet his father. It is clear Meno is no match for him but the gold barrier from the bracelet works one last time and halts Aalgil momentarily. But when Aalgil attacks again he is able to stab Meno who drops dead to the ground and Aalgil takes over the kingdom.

Unfortunately, this is just the first part. I yet to write the second which I believe will be even more exciting. I am determined to start writing soon but after getting back to my fantasy/sci-fi genre mode. It’d been a long time since I read a fantasy novel. I founded my own company back in 2012 and since then I spent most of my time working. And the past two years I got into non-fiction books and enjoyed reading them. No worries, I won’t abandon this story no matter what. Even if it took me several years to finish writing it, better late than never.

Here is the link where you can buy the story:  The Exiled Angel


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