Did it occur to you before, you wake up one day-truly wake up to a new you?

You were asleep but not asleep and not because you want to sleep. As though you’re living and much alive yet you find yourself shunned away from whatever you want. You struggle to understand exactly what happened, and when it happened. All of a sudden you’re lost and that’s all you ever knew. And the miraculous thing was the fact that you fail to notice the drastic changes until you feel suffocated enough that you can’t live such a life anymore. That’s when hope kicks in, and you decide to change your life for the best.

No one was born knowing everything. Don’t get distracted by the wrong people, especially the ones who want to see you fail and become a failure. Don’t waste your time over idle things and make your life purposeful. It takes determination, and time to know what to do and how to do it, but in the end when you reflect back on your life, you’ll find it amazing, and you’ll be amazed at how well you did. We sometimes belittle ourselves thinking we’re not good enough or whatever we’re doing right now is nothing but that’s not true. Focus on what you want to achieve and perform it the best way you can. Little by little there must be an improvement but perhaps you don’t notice it straight away. Keep on doing whatever you like and set a time for yourself so you can compare your work before and after. And that’s what will continue your persistence.

Wake up today and start living a better life. Determine to find purpose enough to live a better life. Perhaps one word you say may change someone’s life or way of thinking. So never underestimate yourselves and do as many good deeds as you can.


Yours truly,