15-minutes Talk: Art Mediums

I almost forgot to post about this event!

As I was thinking about what to post about this time, I remembered that a small event took place last Wednesday. I think it was on April 11th.

Last month, I got invited by a PR student to conduct a small talk/presentation in one of the Universities in Kuwait. It’s called GUST University. Few months ago, the same student approached me for a possible workshop but I was out of country. So when I returned and was about to do a meeting to know about the details I knew that the spots were taken. To be honest, I was hesitant to give a workshop because I never did any until now. It needs preparations and good skills in order to teach others. I wasn’t completely sad that it didn’t happen, but being approached for new opportunities means a lot to me already.


For a while I was thinking a lot about approaching new things that I didn’t try before. And at the same time, do what I’m doing in a better way. In short, give it my all and be more professional than ever. That’s when this new experience knocked on my door.


Anyway, few weeks later, I received a message that the University wants me to give a 15-minutes talk in front of their students. I was super excited and a little bit hesitant. At first, I thought it was going to take place in one of the classes. Days before the actual speech, I knew that it’s going to take place on stage in their biggest auditorium! That sent chills down my spine, lol. But I did it in the end. And I was so happy I didn’t cancel out because the past few weeks I was feeling a little bit exhausted due to work and stress and so on. So I feared I won’t do a good job because of that but at the last minute I decided to go through this experience and enjoy it. I savored every minute and set my mind to be happy about this event and hope for more opportunities to come.


What I talked about is a topic that I suddenly popped up in my mind. I was heavily reading about visuals in the past few months so I was really into these stuff. And from using art tools almost daily I thought of lightly touching this subject. And to be honest, it opened my mind to start talking about art mediums and teaching others what they are, what they mean, and how to use them. I’m already preparing to record new videos for my Youtube channel and I’m thinking about doing workshops to convey the information for any interested artist and non-artist. As I learned about art tools I was fascinated even more than before. Many of us think that painting is just painting and colors are just colors that we either like or dislike, but it’s beyond that. That’s why I decided to teach others about the beauty of colors, designing, and art in general. So check my IG, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube to know more and to be updated about what’s new.

So all in all, I was really happy and thankful. And I was glad I didn’t cancel it.


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