I know I’m posting less and less these months but I cannot help it.


I really miss writing my weekly blog posts, I miss my daily sketching and drawing, and I certainly miss recording my drawing and painting processes. It takes a lot of energy to perform all of this and suddenly I find myself overwhelmed by everything. I went through a lot of hardships and emergencies since last year which contributed in this delay even more. I couldn’t avoid it in any way so I tried balancing between work and life. So far the engagement I used to receive is much less due to that and due to the changes that went-through Instagram. It’s getting harder to get an audience to seriously and genuinely engage with your content. In the past when I asked a random question just to raise the engagement a little bit, I received answers here and there but now I reached a point where almost no one answers, lool. I’m still trying to figure out why the drop of engagement happened but until then I won’t stop creating interesting content.

Few weeks ago I recorded new videos and uploaded some of the videos I recorded on Snapchat on my Youtube channel. If you didn’t check them out already please do so. And I really wish to know your opinion about my work.

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I will be recording more videos the next few weeks too. I am planning on posting at least once a week as well as return to posting blog posts weekly as well. Ramadan is near, so I’m trying to catch up with what’s left and prepare for what’s coming. I am so excited about the new work and hope to receive support from all of you.


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Snapchat: Artistakw