A Traveling Designer

For years I got used to working while traveling. I rarely travel without a journal, laptop, or a book to read. It was hard at the beginning to carry a bag full of such materials but when I got used to it I loved being that busy. I hate leaving things completely undone or missing. Sometimes I can’t help it but I mean whenever I have the opportunity I get some tasks done I do.


That’s why I love the flexibility of my work, and the fact that I can work at any time and anywhere. It gets tiring when you go out for a full day and return to remember posting on social media and so on. But one thing I minimized doing is taking photos. Whenever I find something interesting I immediately snatch either my iPhone or camera and take a photo of it. Otherwise, I don’t capture my daily activities and whereabout like I used to. I don’t think showing what I eat and drink is more important than enjoying the moment and posting interesting content.

I don’t know why but I fail to record myself both voice and sound when I’m out. I’m not used to recording myself heavily in the first place. But since I’ve been preparing for a new and amazing content to everyone, I will do so from now on. I highly believe that if we focus our attention even for a little, we can create wonders. For the last few years we chased after looks perhaps just to be praised that we are beautiful but little do we know that if we work on our innersoles, our real beauty will come out.

Wearing nice clothes is good, but if we take care of our innersoles it would be perfect. For both inner and outer beauty compliment each other. If you take care of one without the other there definitely create an imbalance that many people will notice. A lot of times we disregard these things but one day we’re forced to notice them. And noticing them comes out in different forms depending on our personalities and lifestyle. When you wish for something badly and doesn’t happen to you, or when things constantly turn in a bad way, you got to ask yourself what’s happening? Why did it happen in such a way? We have to constantly reflect back on ourselves and lives. Observe the patterns that happen in your life. Are you living the life you want?


Also, if you’re so serious about changing your life to the best and living almost the way you want, a lot of things will be lined in front of you. Perhaps a little bit of a chaos will occur at the beginning  but if you’re smart enough you will overcome these circumstances with the least bit of damage. Sometimes when people around you got used to having you the way you are by their side and you decide to change, even if you don’t tell them, some of them may sense the change in you and probably get mad or something. It’s all right. Just know that these are parts of the change you wanted to make.

What I’m writing about this time is not only different but it kind of like a puzzle. But with time I promise to explain as much as I can for you to understand and live a better life like I do.

Much of what we have in mind don’t go as planned. But sometimes, there are better opportunities than what we originally set to ourselves. So that can be a reason why sometimes things don’t go our way. It’s not necessarily that we didn’t plan enough. And neither that we did the wrong way.

The other thing that truly helps as a first step towards living a better life, is looking at both good and bad sides of things as well as not comparing yourself to others’ lives. Most of what we see is the good side of things whereas we don’t know about the other side. So remember to think about both sides before making a decision. And this alone helps in answering a major question which is ‘Is it worth trying?’, and ‘Is it the good thing for me?’. We don’t always need a person to tell us where to go and what to do. Even so, it helps when you have some sort of initial decision before asking for a second opinion.