New Collaboration with Safaknur

As CEO of my own design studio ‘Artista’, I’m collaborating with a new Turkish brand where I handle their designs and design services too.

For the past few months, I was working on this collaboration hence my recent visit to Turkey. It didn’t work immediately at the beginning but at the end of last year, I was able to collaborate with ‘Safakunr’ the design agency based in Turkey.

Perhaps it seems sudden and not too related to my business but that’s why I emphasized a lot  in handling the design services. Since I’m already specialized in patterns and had been with designs for years, it’s more relevant to my field.

So, the first project we worked on is women apparel. Last year, my family and I started a new business which we named ‘Estilo’. In that brand, we worked on printing patterns on different fabrics but we stopped working on it. We have an inventory full of fabrics so I’m working on using them for the new apparel design with Safaknur. We already produced few pieces and will post them for you again below. On top of that, I brought some casual wear from tops to pants to announce this new collaboration:


Wearing the pink casual top 

You can visit their website to know more. It’s still under construction though:

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