In Turkey … Again

It’s been a week since I arrived in Turkey. Remember the collaboration I mentioned in my last blog post? This is one of the reasons why I’m visiting Turkey at such a time. Also, it doesn’t hurt to tour around and visit my favorites spots too, hehe.

IMG_2013 IMG_2014

An entrepreneur constantly searches for new opportunities to expand. Work doesn’t stop at a certain day or time and that’s why I sometimes have to stop writing and posting as I used to. After some time from running all over the place, I get tired that I just want to rest without doing a single thing. But that rest gets cut shortly because originally I’m a workaholic so I cannot sit for an hour without reading or at least writing.

Keeping yourself busy is good but it depends on what you’re keeping yourself busy with. We seldom think clearly about our own capabilities and what good we can do for us and others. But once you set up your own thinking on this, a lot of things will be aligned in front of you. It’s not easy. Especially today with social media, we can easily get caught up in others’ lives and wish to live a happy life too but we forget that what we see is just a glimpse not the whole life of a person. If you wish to live a happy life, take few days off from social media and you’ll remember how life is wonderful and how you can enjoy your time without heavily relying on social media to have fun. I tried it and I instantly felt how much I missed real life.


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