Back to Fashion Illustrating and Recording!

You may have noticed how I’ve been recording less the past few months as well as sketch fashion illustrations. But I’m finally back to my work! I truly miss recording my painting process so I recorded a new video for you guys! If you’re wondering why I record them, it’s to show you the way I paint my fashion drawings (in this case), and show you the materials that I use and how I use them. Different mediums give different result and that’s what I want to capture for you. We know a lot already, but when we see the result visually we’ll understand more.


This is an original drawing that I thought of and painted my way. The difference in this illustration this time, is that I painted the dress using calligraphy pens! I only used several copic markers for the skin and hair. Else, the whole dress was painted with calligraphy pens.


For the past week, I’ve been working with calligraphy pens a lot. I write whatever letter or word that comes to my mind and write it with calligraphy pen. Although my calligraphy is becoming better than before but I still need to practice. The thing with art and design is that you have to practice as much as you can, else you’ll lose the skills you acquire.

Anyway, I uploaded a 1-minute preview but the full video is up on my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy watching it and kindly like or leave a comment.


The video full video:

Enjoy watching it 🙂

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