Back to the Basics


Back after a long time with new post, and a new topic. This time it’s a little bit different, though. A lot goes every now and then and you find yourself stuck in situations that don’t seem to be solved! It’s funny, I guess but it’s true.

Photograph by me

For the longest time, I’ve been caught up a lot in designing and drawing that I seem to forget the basic stuff that I should be focusing on alongside. It’s so easy to get indulged in social media and such but forget what you’re doing, how you’re using them, and whether you’re sending the correct message or not. I truly needed to remind myself of why I’m using all of this in the first place.

Photograph by me

Businesses keep emerging daily and the social platforms are already soaked with content. Yet, you can always add value to your business and create the identity that others need to help them understand the value they too want to add to their startups.

Photograph by me

And so, I had so much time to think the past few weeks on what I want to do in the next phase. It’s not matter of sharing ideas or showing them to the public, nor about concealing them completely. It’s about moving right, and in the right time. It’s about synchronicity. That’s what I missed the past few years. That’s why, I decided to go back to the basic and rebuild what I have. In the meantime, I’m escaping any noise that can stop me midway. And this is an extremely important step. If you invite any noise in, then you’re screwed. Even if we cannot help it, we can at least minimize that noise to be able to keep moving. Career is not only a career. It’s a lifetime project and experience. Why not make the most out of it for the good of us and others? Learning to love ourselves and love what we have is crucial as a first step to improve our way living. Else, we will wake up every single day complaining nonstop while not taking a serious step to accept our decisions in the first place.

Photograph by me

As a first step, which is something I didn’t think of doing was shredding every single paper that I didn’t need and put them in a recycle bin! When I saw the amount of papers I needed to get rid of, I couldn’t just throw them away as they were because there were a lot of them. That helped discover the old sketches I had, thus reworking those old sketches. It will take time, but I believe it’ll pay off in better ways than keep building new designs without focus. This also will help in times when I have a designer burnout … working old designs help get over it quickly! Because at that time, when I look at my old drawings, I will immediately redraw them which will give a different result. It’ll serve as a complete new design. So why not go through such an experience?

Photograph by me

And so, we sometimes turn a blind eye to such small steps thinking they will get in the way between us and our main mission. Whereas, small steps are crucial in order to complete the bigger picture.


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