The Right Tools The Right Way

What happens when you use just the right tools? A miracle happens.

You won’t know how skillful you are unless you use the right tools the correct way. I know, this may not be new information but we tend to overlook such details.

Personally, I love discovering and experiencing new experiences. So I always look at the available tools and search for anything new and unfamiliar to me. The reason behind it, is that I won’t know my potential unless I try something new. I won’t know how skillful I am unless I use as many tools as I can. That exactly how creativity is born. It’s not by staying at the same level as we are. It’s about advancing and going through adventures to keep that creative mind running.

For instance, if you are a calligrapher, try painting, and vice versa. Visit new places, and read different books. It’ll open up your horizon to much more than you think. This truly help.

Let me show an example to clarify what I wrote.

Blackletter Calligraphy

Above are photos of a blackletter calligraphy that I wrote. This type of calligraphy is supposed to be written with a thick black marker, hence the name. What caught my attention was the following. I used a normal green calligraphy marker and was writing. I felt something was wrong. So, I decided to use the ‘correct’ calligraphy marker, which is a think black marker. The one I used is from Edding brand no. 1455 with a 1-5 mm tip. That’s when I knew what was wrong.

Italic/Script Calligraphy


This is another example. The kind of pen you use for italic and script writing is essential. I love using various markers to see what kind of result will I get. So, I used a thin tipped black marker, and a fountain pen. When it comes to the marker, it has one depth unless you go over your writing more than once to get different depth for each letter. However, using fountain pen will shorten those steps a lot because it’s created for that kind of writing originally. So you won’t have to go through your text a lot unless you missed a part here and there.

By the way, the small blue letters at the left page are the ones I wrote using a fountain pen.

Once you notice the beauty of the results, you won’t stop writing.


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