Traveling Within Japan

It’s not the first time that my family and I travel locally within Japan. However, every time we explore new cities and places. This is real adventure. Especially when you visit places that aren’t too familiar or you only know about when searching and asking.

In this trip, we visited Kyoto (for the third time), FujiQ Highland near Mt. Fuji, and Miyazaki. From Miyazaki the main city, we went to notable tourist attraction cites that were breathtaking. What helped us more was that the weather was amazing so we truly enjoyed our time. Here is a short preview:

  • Kyoto -> Nara

This is our fourth time visiting Kyoto but the difference this time, is the fact that we went to Nara for the famous bowing deer.

Before visiting Japan, I read about the Nara deer and knew a strange fact. The fact is that deer in Nara bow upon saluting them. I can’t imagine a deer bow until I saw it myself. It was a strange feeling.

  • Kyoto -> Ninenzaka

Even before visiting Japan, I knew about the opening of a new Starbucks branch in Kyoto. After searching and asking the concierge of the hotel for the exact address, we went to it.

I was surprised to upon reaching the destination. Since we had other plans in the morning, we decided to visit this place at night. Most shops and houses were closed. Yet, the neighbor was lively. It was full of authentic old houses.

At first, when I read the description about Starbucks, I thought it was the only old house in that area. But when I visited it, I noticed that Ninenzaka was a popular district in Kyoto for its preserved houses. It was beautiful. After walking around for some time, we reached the coffee house. Indeed, it was an old house. There were two floors, the ground and another floor at the top. Since the original house had several rooms, each room had a different seating. There were floor seatings, and the usual chairs and tables. If you ever had the chance to visit Kyoto, it’s necessary you visit this Starbucks branch and live the experience.



  • FujiQ Highland

We went to a popular entertainment city near Mt.Fuji named ‘FujiQ Highland’, or ‘Fujikyu Highland’. Since it’s near Mt.Fuji you can clearly watch the top of the mountain. The view is so beautiful, and the atmosphere was refreshing.

  • Miyazaki Prefecture:
  1. Aoshima Island

This island is full of old monuments. The rocks around the island date back from 20,000,000 – 25,000,000 years ago (as written in the board) and some of the palm trees are 350 years old.

  1. Udo-Jinguu Shrine

It’s described as the ‘mysterious shrine’ because this shrine was build almost hidden inside a cave. The shrine is located in the south side of Miyazaki City. The stone steps leading to the shrine are said to be around 815 steps and 1300 years. The area and pathway towards the shrine are big and long.


  1. Takachiho

A short journey to yet another breathtaking place. It’s Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture. The waterfall reaches up to 17 meters and the gorge was said to be a result of a volcanic eruption. People and tourists enjoy the scenery by renting boat rowing them around.




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