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It’s been a long time since I last posted an article, and it’s been a while since I last designed something fully!

At a point in time, I completely lost focus on designing, lettering, and illustrating projects. Since having my second business, I am working more on the managerial part of handling a business so it’ll take time for me to put my hands on any design. However, everything happens for valid and good reasons and I believe in that.

That’s why, I bought new books, and tools. Also, I registered for courses to improve my skills further and sharpen my information on design and art. All of us need continuous education, and so, I decided to start learning from scratch. That’s the only way to improve at this time. It’s all fun and if you’re keen on designing you’ll love the process eventually.


I did some changes to this website. If you didn’t notice I added a free PDF guide to how to paint Halkar (Ottoman Art-Tezhip). If you have questions regarding Ottoman art please feel free to ask and I’ll reply.

Another area that I recommend entrepreneurs and creatives to do is organize your workspace to fit your mood. It’s important to work under comfortable circumstances to be able to perform better. At first you may not notice but gradually you’ll feel it.

I’m preparing for new content, videos, tutorials, and articles so it may take me some time to add anything at this moment. I’m still here and you can reach me through email, or any of the available social platforms (YT, Twitter, Instagram).


Instagram: @anwaar.saleh

Twitter: @anwaar_saleh

Snapchat: Artistakw

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