Designing for Business

Fashion designing for business is a hard work.

It’s an accumulative work season after season. The preparations for the work is much more than the illustration or production parts. Before having enough experience in handling a fashion business, I thought that the most difficult part that needs to be tackled was the designing and illustrating part. However, that thought changed when I got into the real business.

Sketches can be ready at any time. Turning those sketches into real designs is a challenge. For instance, if your illustration lacks details then you will be asked tons of questions until the manufacturer understands the idea behind your design. If you have no idea about what you designed you will have problems answering those questions. In this post I’ll show you the difference between designing for business and designing for fun


Fashion Business

Designing a real piece means paying attention to slightest detail. For instance, when drawing your piece or outfit, even the collar has to be drawn precisely. Meaning, a round collar is not like a square collar. So whatever you have in mind draw it exactly as it is. Slight mistakes like those will result in a different finished product. Tailors and manufacturers may suggest or give their opinions if some details won’t work which is great. However, the original idea has to be presented by you with the full details.

This, and never forget handling fabrics and knowing which fabric suits which piece. And this process requires a lot of experience and observation. It’s not enough to only read about fabrics but to visit textile shops, feel them, and know the difference between heavy and light fabrics.


Sketching a fashion design for fun means being as creative as you want. Also, it means using unusual colors and fabrics when painting. Here, you don’t have to worry about your details or which colors to use for your design. And you don’t have to worry about designing a seasonal collection of outfits. It only means you unleash your creativity and start drawing and painting using your own style.


If you were to design your own piece/outfit, what would you choose to design?

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