Determination and Achievements

As Entrepreneurs in particular, we constantly aim at achieving our goals. Sometimes, we even stumble a lot to achieve faster, however, focusing on each goal separately is what’ll help us achieve our goals faster.Without focusing, you will walk around without a clear destination. And that alone will slow your pace a lot. If you find yourself in such a state, take a break for some time, realign yourself with your life, and re-write your life goals.

For me, one of my goals was to excel at designing and painting Ottoman Patterns. It’s an old goal of mine but because I invested a lot in this art throughout the past years, step by step I’m beginning to achieve that goal. Yet, no matter how professional I get, I will always be a student and there will always be more to learn about. Most of the resources and books regarding this art are in Turkish. Therefore, you need either an English speaker to translate for you or learn Turkish to understand more about this art. Every time I flip through the pages of one of the Tezhip books I learn a new piece of information (which makes the learning process even more interesting).

The past few months I’ve been working almost non-stop from designing to tracing and lastly painting. It’s a long process but if you love this art, you won’t have a slight problem because the result is complete beauty.

Materials used for painting are:

1. Gouache paints (the higher the quality the better)

2. No. 000 brush (since the design will have some details). Personally, I have few brushes for dark colors, gold, and white. It won’t be good to paint dark with lights colors using the same brush unless you cleaned your brush very well.

3. Tracing paper ( you will need a lot of those).  A4 papers were fine with me at the beginning but then realized that A3 size are the best.

4. Special cardboard paper ( in Turkish they call it Ahar paper – Aharlı Kağit). This medium is the best to paint your design on.

5. Black ink.

6. Compass, ruler, eraser, and pencil.

7. Special Gold Paint.

You can find most of the materials in any Art Supplies / Stationery Store, however, since the gold paint is special it’s located in Turkey only.


I will do a Tezhip workshop for beginners very soon. I’m hoping that we can fight the Coronavirus together by taking care of health especially in such times. These days, I may post more videos on my Tezhip painting / designing processes. So kindly check my Youtube channel regularly and let me know what you think. Also, if you have a question regarding the process please write it in the comment section below the video.

Be safe and take care of yourself!


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