Occurrence of Excellency

We all wish to excel at something. Having that wish in the first place is good, yet without patience and persistence, we cannot excel at anything.

I’m always tempted to try to do so many things, however, I stop myself midway and refocus on my profession. You all know what my profession is, right? Pattern designing and painting. I used to create digital patterns for year until I changed my medium from laptop to paints and papers. Creating new paintings make me feel so good and proud. It gives me the positive energy that I constantly seek. No matter how many mistakes you make never give up or stop. Take a break whenever you find yourself overwhelmed but don’t quit. It takes time for us to align ourselves with what we really want to do. Push yourself hard but don’t overwhelm yourself.

If you don’t have a profession, try new things until you land on the profession that best suits you. It may take time especially nowadays with the social media. However, find a suitable profession for yourself and work on it. Years ahead, you will be grateful that you found yourself something to do.

Although I spend most of my time on Ottoman Patterns but I still consider myself to be a student. Every time I work on a design I learn new things. Balance, colors, tracing … etc are details that must be learned with time not all at once.

I planned to make two online courses to teach you guys what I learned from Ottoman Illumination, however, I still am struggling with few things. That’s why I’ll only delay the time. And if you have specific questions on this art, kindly send them to me.

Now, I would like to talk to you a little bit about the following finished design.

For some reason, when it comes to painting my priority goes for either blue or pink. But when I learned that green is one of the traditionally used colors in Ottoman Illumination I decided to give it a try. And I’m thankful I chose it. The color looks so beautiful with the Maroon. And I’m pretty that that won’t be the last time I use that green in particular.

As I explained in one of my past blog posts, there are specific rules to follow in Ottoman Illumination Art. Gold, motifs painting, outline, and background painting. So I follow the same pattern in all of my paintings.

The form I chose was a ‘Şemse’ form which can be found in Islamic Cover Pages. It’s a beautiful form. And I may offer an online course teaching you step by step how I designed, and painted it if all is well and the materials are available.


That’s it for this post!

Be safe guys!


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