Chinese Painting and Geometric Patterns

How are you coping so far, guys?

I’ve been busy organizing my work and working on new designs daily. Not to mention spending hours practicing either drawing or painting patterns. I realized I didn’t post in a long time so I decided to write a new article.

Staying at home is not a bad thing after all. I was able to concentrate on my work better the past few months. Having my books, materials, and mediums that I normally use was what I truly needed. The learning process to anything never stops unless you decide to stop it. Otherwise, you discover new information daily.

Aside from working on Ottoman Patterns, I decided to enroll in online Islamic Geometric Pattern workshops. It was amazing and I was able to pick up new skills and expanded my view on patterns. I finished a couple of patterns but still I have around two more to work on.

It wasn’t my first time working on Islamic Geometric Patterns but I never worked with complex and big compositions. So the experiences I had drawing Islamic Patterns were amazing.

Geometric Pattern ©️Anwaar Saleh AlAsousi, 2020
Chinese Orchid ©️Anwaar Saleh AlAsousi, 2020

After that, I decided to give the Chinese painting a try. It’s not a new subject to me, but I never took classes to learn how to paint a Chinese painting using Chinese brush techniques. Since I had more than enough time, I decided that it’s the time to try it at least. I must say that it’s an amazing art. The strokes are light but full of color and there is so much freedom when painting. The stress goes away immediately once you start the painting process. It’s so much fun! And I don’t mind repeating the process repeatedly.

Chinese Orchid ©️Anwaar Saleh AlAsousi, 2020
Fuschia ©️Anwaar Saleh AlAsousi, 2020


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