Online Ottoman Illumination Workshop

It’s better that I write a descriptive post regarding the Ottoman Illumination Workshop that I’m working on. I promised that I’ll keep students interested in learning this art updated with the progress for this online workshop, so I decided to write everything here. Once the workshop is up and ready, there will be a registration link below this post.

This online workshop will be divided into two parts: Drawing Part 1 and Painting Part II. The process is heavy for the Ottoman Illumination and is better taught in an actual workshop, however, given the current circumstances I choose to do it online.

Also, the reason why I divided this workshop into two parts is that you can easily focus on each part separately. You can watch the videos repeatedly until you get the idea then move to the other part.

Part 1: Drawing Part

Video duration: 5 videos in total

Materials that will be used:

  1. Mechanical Pencil + 0.3 lead
  2. Eraser
  3. Tracing Paper
  4. Compass
  5. Ruler

Total of videos: About 5 videos will be included in this part of the course. (August 13th, 2020)

Part 1 Online Course

Part 2: Painting Part

Video duration: 5 videos in total

Part 2 Online Course

Materials that will be used:

  1. Painting brush size 000
  2. Black ink for outlining
  3. Gold paint or Illumination Gold (Altin)
  4. Gelatin Sheets
  5. Special Handmade paper or Matte Board
  6. Gouache Paints (Red, blue, green, black and white)
  7. Gold Burnisher (Muhre)
  8. Dotting Tool

Coming soon

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