Halkar Ottoman Art White Gold Şemse


Halkar Ottoman art is yet another beautiful pattern composing and painting.

A pencil sketch is the beginning yet it only shows the general look of the design. With colors, painting technique and outlines each pattern will have its own identity of beauty.

There are limited choices of colors to use for traditional Ottoman Illumination Painting, yet each pattern has a different ambiance to it.

Halkar ottoman art

If you’re used to painting with pure gold, the white gold will look more like a silver paint. Still with dark colors it’ll look beautiful with the details and all. However, the darker the background the better for the white gold.

Halkar ottoman art style doesn’t requite background painting. That’s why you see a lot of space around the motifs. In Halkar, the design depends on gold and outlines. So at this point, the design is complete.

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