Online Islamic Illumination Art Workshop (Arabic)

An Islamic illumination art course. It’s a self-paced and taught in Arabic language.

Just like the previous workshop I’m publishing this post for the upcoming online workshop. This post will be updated constantly until the workshop is fully published.

Size of the pattern is medium and I used a normal cardboard paper to demonstrate how the painted pattern will look like. This is a good option for you if you don’t have the original illumination paper.

Most of my online courses and content is in English. So I decided to create this course in Arabic for Arabic speakers. If many students are interested in learning this course in English, I will consider creating an English version of it.

This is the design we’ll be working on:

Islamic Illumination

This online workshop will be published as a full course. And it won’t be divided into parts like the previous course. But it’ll still have two parts to it for a better organization.

You can view the course details by clicking the link below.

Islamic Illumination Art Course
Online – self-paced and taught in Arabic

Draw and Paint Islamic Illumination Pattern

Click the link below to access the course:


including a digital handout with details about the course and composing the pattern.

Updated: May 24th, 2023

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