New Choice

I’m constantly looking for new opportunities. Expanding one’s abilities and skills is essential with time. The most important question to ask yourself constantly, ‘what is it that I want?’. We can easily get attempted by others’ stories and lifestyles, soon adapting their ambitions to our lives and live as though they are our ambitions. Only when we struggle with new choices and life lessons that we realize we have to take some time to reflect back on the road we chose.

Is this truly the road I chose for myself?

Was a recommendation from someone else?

Or did I pick it up from someone else?

It’s easy to get caught up with everyone else especially with social media. We all got too close to each other. Yet, if we don’t set clear boundaries we’re get drained with time. If you ever find yourself lost, ask yourself how did you get lost? And since when? Slowly things will unfold in front of you. You’ll know what to listen to, read, and perhaps write to get the answers you need.

Now, Back to designing!

I chose to work on a different piece with my Tezhip teacher. This time, I’m working on a Rococo Illumination pattern. It took months but the result is worth it. It’s mixed between the Classic Tezhip and the Rococo style which is beautiful. Yet, this style is much more complicated than the Classic Tezhip. If you are able to mix between the two, you can create beautiful Tezhip pieces.

Since I’m always busy with the process, it’s sometimes hard for me to record everything but I tried to take photos and short videos for you guys to know more about the painting process.

Here are some videos I uploaded on my Youtube channel:

And here some photos:

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