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As I am working on both old and new artwork, I thought of writing this post for you guys.

When I first started my work was mostly digital (graphic design), but since 2015 I got more into traditional art and handpainted paintings. That’s why I’m spending more time these days finishing illumination patterns and other paintings. Yet, I felt the importance of slowing down and bit and sharing something different this time.


So, in this blog post I would like to emphasize on the importance of building new skills, and specializing in a field. If you have existing skills, work on developing them further until you reach a point where you work almost effortlessly. But if you don’t, learn new skills. Search within your interests and hobbies zones. It’s easy to get intimidated by other peoples’ interests. In this case, try new skills until you land on the one skill you would like to develop further.


You don’t know when you will need to use that skill. All of us need to specialize in something that will contribute positively to ourselves and the society too. For instance, if I love pottery and learned how to work with ceramics I can create beautiful handcrafted ceramics for people to use and enjoy. The same concept goes for other skills too. Also, it’s not a waste of time to work on developing a skill or working on your field of specialization. On the contrary, you use your time positively that way and you’ll find yourself motivated to do better. And it uplifts your emotional state positively. You will find beauty in what you do once you practice and love it more.

If you run a small business not knowing whether or not you’re specialized in the right field I recommend reading Simon Sinek’s book ‘Find Your Why’:

So try doing so, and share with me your specialization and story.

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