Your Investments

How do you invest your day? And time?

The accumulative of the investments you do daily will add up to reach your goals and dreams.

Personally, I used to view investment as something simple and is mostly related to financial investments. But with experience and managing daily life needs I was able to broaden my view. I’ll explain to you simply what are the investments you can do and how they’ll have a huge effect on your life.

  1. Health

Investing in your health means eating the right food for your body. Getting accustomed to a specific system takes time to change. But gradually changing our eating habit will have a good impact on our health. I myself felt the difference between adding at least a fruit a day vs not eating any a-day. Sometimes, I find myself overly fatigued then realize that it’s mostly my eating habits. So I started adding healthier choices throughout the day and drink more water than I used to.

2. Self-care

Self-care is anything related to your personally. This includes taking care of yourself and your body. From nourishing products for your skin, to hydrating shampoos, exercising, and education. It’s important that we educate ourselves on areas we lack skills at. Since it’s related to you personally, you’re the one to decide what areas in your life you’d like to take care of. Would you rather learn a new skill? Or perhaps acquire a new hobby?

3. Career

Investing in our career is a huge accomplishment. Until we get accustomed to our work/job, it takes years. But after that, it’s good to acquire skills and develop ourselves. If you own a business/brand then there are too many possibilities for your to develop yourself and brand. While learning about leadership or managing your business, you will notice how many more chances open up to you.

4. Financial

Although we might not be that calculative and know our numbers well, but it’s important to have basic knowledge in financials and managing your financials. I tried it personally and it made a huge difference in how I manage my monthly financials. It was a bit stressful at first, but with time it got interesting and easy to manage.

Do you have other areas that you’d like to add to the list above? Feel free to share with me your thoughts!