Painting Mediums: Watercolors, Acrylics, and Gouaches

Do you prefer to use a certain medium when painting?

For me … I don’t, lol.

I love using and experiment painting with different mediums. Each medium has its own uniqueness and effects. That’ why, depending on the painting technique you use, and the painting you’re working on (or final result of the painting), you rather choose which medium to use.

Painting Mediums

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Watercolors are simple and easy to use. Yet, there are amazing techniques you can use that require a lot of practice and painting of course!

My favorite watercolor technique is the wet-on-wet painting technique. Years ago, when I first painted with watercolors, I used to paint every single spot with the same color. After I finish painting and look at the final painting, I always felt that there was either something wrong with my painting or missing. But didn’t know what it was until I learned more about it. It was mostly depth. Going your painting a depth either by using contrasting colors or creatively using watercolor painting techniques you’ll get satisfying results.


Second easy mediums to use. Acrylics don’t need to be mixed with water a lot which is amazing. They are heavier than watercolors but lighter than gouache and oils.

Many artists use them as their main medium to paint landscapes and botany art. It’s easy to mix and work with for small and big sized paintings.


Gouache are similar to acrylics but a bit heavier. When using them for my ornamental patterns, I found that they require more water than acrylics. And they also require mixing really well even before using them.

Each painting medium has its own combined ingredients and materials. Most if no all of them are based on pigments.

Do you know how to improve your painting skills?

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Practice, of course! The more your paint and use colors, the better you’ll get at choosing the right mediums for your painting. And with time, your eyes will be trained to use the right values for your artwork.

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