Personal Branding and Identity Design

Branding and Identity are for existing, and newly established businesses and personal brands too.

Some entrepreneurs choose to run a personal brand rather than establish a corporation. It depends on each persona’s view, long-term goals, and vision. Those are necessary terms to know and understand in order to perform better in life and career-wise.

Those are like a guide. If you know exactly what you’re aiming for, then you’ll start noticing opportunities as they come your way.

Logo Design

Logo is only a part of a branding plan. The full branding and identity plan includes much more details including the logo design itself.

For designing a logo even for a personal brand, it helps to have a clear idea behind it. As a designer myself, I always recommend to choose a branding plan that includes a logo design. Why, you might ask? Because it’s more consistent than a logo design only.

If you choose a logo design with few details for your brand, it’ll always seem missing. Even when you have your color palette and idea, as long as the other important details aren’t put together, there might be a need to make amends for the logo.

Branding and Identity Design

In a full branding plan, a logo is designed according to the idea or theme around the brand itself. Consistency, balance, and clarity in the branding design are extremely important and any imbalance in those will immediately show up later.

Personal branding is as important as a brand. Because it’s a personal brand after all. That’s why taking care of even small details will impact the overall branding and identity design.

Choosing an idea and theme are the first steps when approaching branding design. Certainly, it goes through many steps from start to end and it takes longer to design than a logo only. Due to the details included in this plan, branding and identity designing plan take months to finish.

Even if you’re not a designer, it does help to have basic information about the logo and branding designing processes. It does help you to make a better decision. And if you need further help, or advice you can always send me a note or email.

You can also check my brand ‘Artista’ for more information and details on logo designing: