Digital Planners and Organizers

Have you visited any stationery store lately? Usually, I spend some time exploring the notebooks, and journals in any stationery store. I’m always fascinated by patterned and illustrated ones the most. This reminds me of my visits to Japanese stationery and art stores.

If you like the Kawaii design then those stores are the right ones for you! Japanese stores are full of fun and cute designs. Although I bought some stationery items few years ago from Japan, I still use them joyfully.

Back to our topic, which is planners and organizers.

Did you use any of them before? Personally or Business-wise?

They’re useful. Sometimes it seems too much using to-do list, calendars, and other customized planner sheets. Yet, I find them extremely useful and they organize your work much better than relying on merely writing notes. If you use them personally, you won’t need to use all of the planners. But if you have a business, I bet you do.

With time, I saw the importance of using not only a yearly calendar, but monthly, and maybe even weekly and daily if available. That is to capture you daily activities and schedule. This helps you organize your thoughts too and have enough space for more thoughts to come. If your mind is in clutter, it’ll be too hard to receive more ideas. Instead, it’s better to write your tasks and schedule your activities to prevent forgetting them. This in return, helps you be more flexible with your schedule.


If in one month you have too many activities, you can balance up your schedule by making less appointments for instance. This is helpful to see your schedule for the whole year. Thus, helping you analyze your performance.

Try using a simple planner for one month and notice the difference.

digital planner

On this subject, I recently updated Artista’s website with this digital planner. Click the following link to access the page for more details:

Click here