Planning and Further Organizing: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly?

What is planning? And how does it assist you in your life?

I view planning as a life-changing tool. It’s much more than purely planning for what task to do or for how long. Planning is an effective tool to use for your life. Whether for your personal life or your career. It’s not about controlling your schedule or life events. We can never control circumstances and life emergencies. But we can create a schedule to give us flexibility and enough space so that circumstances won’t have a large effect on our lives.


Planning for personal life can sound weird. But think about it for a second. Wouldn’t be good enough to do what you aim for and more? We always set goals that we don’t always fulfill. Or have tons of ideas but work on very few of them.

If you can manage your own with relationships and responsibilities that’s wonderful and an achievement on its own. Yet, imagine when you focus on relationships that help you flourish. Imagine focusing on responsibilities that help you and others flourish and achieve the best you all can.

It’s not weird to plan for your life. It means setting personal goals for yourself and working on achieving them. Like what? It’s as simple as planning for a travel. Where will you stay at? What places do you plan on visiting? This helps you navigate and make the best out of those experiences.


We’re all familiar with career planning. It works well for entrepreneurs and full-time employees. Planning helps in expanding and growing your career. Since I’m a business owner, I’ll focus mostly on this side.

Being a designpreneur, and an artist, I often find myself with pile of papers that need organizing. Daily sketches, design projects, and workshop planning are few areas of my job. And most of those require constant practice and going over details. Yet, if I let the papers pile up just like that, there can be a lot of missing or incomplete tasks everywhere!

Scheduling tasks, and daily work are essential for me. I am beginning to create my own planner to meet the needs of my job as a whole and leave enough space for details, upcoming work, and daily tasks.

Right now, planning for me goes like this:

  1. Monthly – 2. Weekly – 3. Daily

I used to work otherwise. To me it used to be daily, weekly, then monthly planning. But that didn’t help much.

Try this simple planning method for now and let me know how it goes!

As a gift, here is a downloadable planning sheet that you can print as many times as you want and use it to plan your schedules:

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