Personal Branding Identity, and Logo Design

Personal brand

Do you have a personal brand?

Whether personal or corporate, it’s a brand after all. Especially the fact that you plan to have it for years to come rather than treat it as a short-term plan.

Having a logo to represent your personal brand is wonderful. Logo represents the vision of your brand. It helps guide your audience to idea and specialization behind it.

A coffee shop is not like an apparel store. And a restaurant is not like a gym. So representing your brand with distinctive logo will help in many ways.

I think that there are many misunderstanding regarding logo and branding design. You may think that your brand doesn’t need a logo or an identity design. Yet, the basic knowledge you have about logos, the clearer your understanding around it.

It gives a direction for your brand along with full branding design. This saves you a lot of time when creating even social content. From a personal experience, only when I had a clear idea about my brand and formed visuals for it did I have a clear direction. Visuals are always parallel with the vision and mission to your brand. Otherwise, there may be miscommunication between your brand and audience which leads to confusion.

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