Self-Development, Mastery, and Growth

Do know what growth is?

It’s definitely not a leap, or a long jump one takes in his life. No, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about taking small steps towards achieving one goal at a time.

If you ever have multiple issues to work on in your life, take them one by one. Prioritize your issues by importance. It takes a while but it’s never too late to start from where you are.

You may be triggered by distractions at first or during your learning process. Remember that that’s part of your growth path. Focus on your path and remind yourself of your goals. Write them down on your notebook or journal. It does help a lot. So that even if you distracted, you’ll remember your purposes and goals and get back on track in no time.

Education helps you focus on what you want. And focus comes when you limit any distraction you have in your life. For me, I stopped using social media heavily like I used to. I noticed that during Covid in particular that I used social media heavily. It distracted me a lot from my life goals and career. Yet, that’s not meant for you to quit social media. It’s quite the opposite. If you feel that you’re overly using social medial, try and spend less time scrolling down the screen.

What helps is taking a short break and try different activities during the day. Try new activities and hobbies but remember to do small changes at a time. If you change one simple thing daily, you’ll notice the difference after a while. You don’t have to do big changes in your life.