Japanese Influence, Language, and Culture

Japanese influence …. dates back to my childhood. From language to culture.

I remember watching too many anime series (mostly dubbed) and since then I grew up familiar with Japanese visual art. Arabic channels at that time broadcasted many anime.

Japanese influence

Slowly, that influence started growing up. Year later, I started watching anime is their original language, Japanese. So I fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, at that time the resources were scare regarding learning the language. And the other factor was that learning a foreign language to surrounding was a weird thing. So I secretly l tried to learn the language myself using whatever available resource. It took time because I didn’t have a teacher at that time or someone to guide me through the correct way to learn. That’s why it was difficult but I managed to understand a lot about the language that soon I became more familiar with it.

My uncle used to go back and forth from Kuwait to Japan for his job. And my father visited Japan for work too when I was a kid. So he brought us many gifts and video games at that time. Now that I remember, I was highly influenced by Japanese visuals and culture since back then.

In 2016, the Japanese influence grew and I decided to take my very first Japanese course with inviting my sister with me. We had a good time studying with our Japanese teacher ‘Magara’. I was able to learn more about the grammar and refresh my vocabulary too.

Japanese influence

During my visits to Japan, I bought Japanese books to help enhance my language. It takes longer to finish reading a book in Japanese than it takes for me to read an Arabic or English books. Here is a photo of the books I have so far:

And this year, I decided to teach Japanese language beginners level for students who are interested in learning the language. You can register your email in this page to receive information about it:

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