Logo Design and New Pattern Design Workshop

Logo design has many uses. It’s mainly used for brands, yet it can be used for signatures and events. Aside from its different types, even certain event can have their own logo. And that logo can be redesigned yearly. It depends on the client’s choice for a logo design.

Video games, Companies, manga and comic books, animated cartoons, and anime have their own logotypes too. Have you noticed them before? The designs are too inspiring.

Visual designs are wonderful yet one times they can be overwhelming even to designers. Taking a break is necessary between projects.

Recently, I published a logo design project. This is a logo I designed months ago and used limited color palette this time: Click here

Logo design

Also, I decided to do an online pattern design workshop this week. I’ll explain and demonstrate practically how to design a digital pattern from scratch.

There will be digital materials distributed on the day of the workshop. And this digital pattern design template will be distributed free too: Click here

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