Digital Art, Custom brushes, and Procreate.

Did you try digital art before?

If you’re an artist already, then you’re more familiar with drawing and using traditional drawing and painting tools. However, deciding to use a different medium to draw and paint is another story. It takes some time to get used to using digital mediums like tablets, desktops and, iPads.

In case you’d like to you get into digital art, do it gradually. Know how to use the available tools first, and then decide which art/painting style you’d like to start with. Is it flat art? Then Adobe illustrator will be a good choice. Is it cg art? Adobe Photoshop, procreate, and similar apps are more suitable for this kind of art.

The next thing to consider is the brushes. Which digital brushes you’ll choose will give different result. Let me show you an example below of my own custom brushes and the result I reached.

Acrylic Brush Set

Starburst Brush Set

Below is an ice-cream truck painted using Procreate app and with brushes from the previous brush set.


Decorative Circular Brushes for Digital Art

I designed the above custom brushes using Adobe Photoshop for my design brand Artista. And each brush set is different in shape, style, and texture. Whenever I draw and paint on Procreate I use either one of the brush sets, or mix some of the brushes from each set. And I absolutely love how each painting turns in the end.

If you would like to get any of the above brushes, you can view more collections on Artista’s Creativemarket store: