Digital Prints, Fine art Paintings, and Wall-art

Digital prints and wall-art are similar in concept while fine art paintings differ in many ways.

In the past few years, digital prints and wall-art posters were widely spread across the internet. It’s easy to choose a digital print or wall-art poster, print, and frame them. And sometimes there is an option of choosing a framed print. It’s really nice to decorate your room or office wall with creative and beautiful prints.

fine art painting

Years back, I didn’t think much about having the wall decorated with such prints. But with time, when I started hanging my own designs and paintings on the wall I noticed the difference. Especially when you’re welcomed with an empty white wall, it’s always a good choice to fill it up with paintings and prints.

Recently, I’ve been designing and creating Handlettering digital prints and posters. Using Procreate App, it made it easy to sketch and paint each print. The process became much easier than before with practice.

digital prints

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