Stationery Design for Writing and Journaling

Stationery design digitally is so much fun!

I remember when I first learned about patterns and their usage, I was super excited to start a new project. What I loved designing are stationery products. Being a writer, I love selecting a new journal to write with.

Years ago, I was fond of lined pages when choosing a notebook to buy. But recently, I get fond of blank pages to use them for sketching and writing. It gives me a full space to fill it up the way I want which is amazing. Think of it like a small sketchbook which you can easily carry around with you everywhere you go.

Stationery design

the second thing I consider is the size of the stationery product. Whether a notebook or a bookmark. A very small sized notebook is good mostly for writing but not sketching. Which a big one is difficult to carry around all the time. So I choose a medium sized or A5 sized notebook.

As for pens to write with, markers are so easy and clear to write with. Especially if you write a lot and take notes daily, try using writing markers like felt pen and ball pen. Also, you can choose markers suitable for sketching and taking some notes. Personally, I prefer to use different markers. One for sketching, and another for writing. Unless I’m only taking short notes, it’s better to write with a writing marker/pen.

One thing changed over the years, is using fine liners less and less. I prefer 0.5m ball pens or markers for writing and planning.

If you would like to see my stationery designs, you can find them here: