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My name is Anwaar and I was born and raised in Kuwait. Since I was a kid I loved art in its different forms. I used to do craft and scrapbooking projects, draw, and decorate any item I had at hand. Later, I even got into writing and graphic design. I’ve been writing since I was 18 years old and became a graphic designer since the 90’s. Yet, I chose all of these to be my hobbies instead of a profession.

I’ve always been a dreamer which is why I’m over ambitious and creative. Hence, establishing my own business too. And I aspire to publish my writings and share them with the world. Since we all live once, I’m trying to make the most out of my life.

After graduating from the American University of Kuwait in 2011 with a Finance degree, I decided to run my own business. Aside from getting employed at a day job, I aspired to have a brand. However, since I had too many skills and hobbies I had to think a lot before finally deciding on a graphic design studio. Still at that I wasn’t sure what to specialize in. Graphic design is a whole world on its own.

I remember returning from UK back in June 2011. I held my pencil and stared at the white paper in my hand for the longest time before starting to draw a shape. It was a pattern. The funny thing is that I never knew how to draw a pattern in my life! Aside from stripes and polkas I know thing about patterns. But at that moment I knew exactly what my specialization was. It was pattern design.

In 2012 I established my business and started promoting it on social networks and among friends and family. I had a little trouble explaining my specialty to others. Although I still do struggle with marketing my patterns but I at least have a portfolio full of patterns and designs to show and share.

Last year I got into fashion illustrations. I thought it was interesting to apply my patterns on fashion illustrations and include them in my portfolio. I almost stopped in the beginning because of my poor illustrating skills. But after hours and days of practice, it’s now a form of art that I don’t feel like quitting. It’s more of a warm up before getting into my main work which is patterns. Pattern design, especially Islamic and Arabic patterns, need a lot of attention, precision, and time to get them right. So I prefer to do light illustrations daily aside from working on my patterns.

My skills so far include but are not limited to: Digital designs, graphic design, photography, typography, pattern illustrations, and fashion drawing.

For any commission work or inquiry you can reach me here:

And you can certainly find my work on the below links:
. Instagram: Anwaar.saleh
. Twitter: Anwaar_saleh
. Snapchat: Artistakw

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