Here is a list of some activities I participated in since 2012:


2018: Guest speaker in GUST University Kuwait.

2018: Seminar on the art of relationships with Latifa Alloughani.

2018: Work as a Creative director in Safaknur Brand based in Istanbul, Turkey.

2017: Worked as a co-founder and design director.

2016: Fashion class with Ioana Avram.

2016: DAI event located in Yarmouk, Kuwait.


2015: Tezhip class with teacher Dilara Yarci that was organized by Liwan Kashida, Kuwait.

This is the design we worked on with Dilara Yarci

2014: Attended Mubaader Seminar at Jumeirah Hotel, Kuwait.

2014: Joined 52degrees.

2013: Artista’s brand launch in 2012, KPC Kuwait.

2012: Startup Seminar with