When I was a senior at the American University of Kuwait, I was determined to establish my own business. Although I majored in Finance but I was fascinated with the business world.

So, I spent some time thinking about what kind of business should I establish. The most suitable field I could think of at that time was a graphic design studio. It was a skill that I spent hours and days on. Prior to that, few years back I had a different idea.

Before graduating from the university I wanted to create artisan cupcakes. But I heard a family member discussing the idea of opening up a cupcake store so I gave up the idea. That’s when I thought of graphic design. Right now, I wish that I at least tried creating few artisan cupcakes and saw the potential of running such a business. It would’ve been too much fun!

At first, the services I offered in my brand were branding, packaging, illustrations, corporate identity design, stationery, and digital pattern designs. Having too much in the list with only me running the business was too hard! So I’ve been shifting my services and priorities in the past four years. I joined online classes, read articles, and paid for marketing and advertisements but it didn’t work out for my brand. Customers had difficulty relating to my business and knowing exactly what kind of a business it was which added up to my frustration.

I came up with different ways to promote my business and kept progressing myself especially when it came to designing and illustrating and that helped me gain the confidence in myself and skills.

Lately, I decreased the services to artworks, and classes on patterns.

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