Art and Writing Tools

One thing I enjoy the most when visiting art and stationery stores is looking around for tools. Usually, I purchase tools I’m not so familiar with and try them. That alone, helped me know the difference between pens and markers, pigments and tube paints, and the difference between papers too. With practice, I started building […]

rumi motif

Rumi vs. Florals

Did you notice the difference between Rumi and Floral designs? In Ottoman Illumination Art, there are Rumi and pure floral designs. Rumi can be designed with flowers or just Rumi elements. There are more steps in a Rumi design but only when painting your artwork will you notice its beauty. Personally, I love the combination […]


Building Your Skills

As I am working on both old and new artwork, I thought of writing this post for you guys. When I first started my work was mostly digital (graphic design), but since 2015 I got more into traditional art and handpainted paintings. That’s why I’m spending more time these days finishing illumination patterns and other […]

Thank you 💕

This is a simple thank you post for your continuous support and care. I’m so thankful to have an amazing audience who reads, and comments on my work.


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About Me

Hello, I’m Anwaar, an entrepreneur and self-taught designers based in Kuwait. I teach about design, and art and write blog posts about those topics.

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