Stationery Design for Writing and Journaling

Stationery design digitally is so much fun! I remember when I first learned about patterns and their usage, I was super excited to start a new project. What I loved designing are stationery products. Being a writer, I love selecting a new journal to write with. Years ago, I was fond of lined pages when…

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Digital Prints, Fine art Paintings, and Wall-art

Digital prints and wall-art are similar in concept while fine art paintings differ in many ways. In the past few years, digital prints and wall-art posters were widely spread across the internet. It’s easy to choose a digital print or wall-art poster, print, and frame them. And sometimes there is an option of choosing a…

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Digital Art, Custom brushes, and Procreate.

Did you try digital art before? If you’re an artist already, then you’re more familiar with drawing and using traditional drawing and painting tools. However, deciding to use a different medium to draw and paint is another story. It takes some time to get used to using digital mediums like tablets, desktops and, iPads. In…

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Logo Design and New Pattern Design Workshop

Logo design has many uses. It’s mainly used for brands, yet it can be used for signatures and events. Aside from its different types, even certain event can have their own logo. And that logo can be redesigned yearly. It depends on the client’s choice for a logo design. Video games, Companies, manga and comic…

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About Me

Hello, I’m Anwaar, an entrepreneur and self-taught designers based in Kuwait. I teach about design, and art and write blog posts about those topics.