Painting Lesson: How to Paint and What Paints to Use

Painters, artists, and designers … did you wonder a lot about what to paint? How to paint? Or What paints to use? Whether working on a small or a big sized painting, choosing the right materials and paints is the first choice to make. It may be tempting to randomly choose whatever catches your eye […]

Some Books I read

Each year, I challenge myself to read as many books as I can. Yet, I don’t finish the challenge for some reason. This year though, I’m determined to read the amount I challenge myself to read and maybe more. It’s fun, and makes me really want to do my best in getting to reading like […]

digital planner

Digital Planners and Organizers

Have you visited any stationery store lately? Usually, I spend some time exploring the notebooks, and journals in any stationery store. I’m always fascinated by patterned and illustrated ones the most. This reminds me of my visits to Japanese stationery and art stores. If you like the Kawaii design then those stores are the right […]

personal branding

Personal Branding and Identity Design

Branding and Identity are for existing, and newly established businesses and personal brands too. Some entrepreneurs choose to run a personal brand rather than establish a corporation. It depends on each persona’s view, long-term goals, and vision. Those are necessary terms to know and understand in order to perform better in life and career-wise. Those […]


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About Me

Hello, I’m Anwaar, an entrepreneur and self-taught designers based in Kuwait. I teach about design, and art and write blog posts about those topics.

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