digital planner

Digital Planners and Organizers

Have you visited any stationery store lately? Usually, I spend some time exploring the notebooks, and journals in any stationery store. I’m always fascinated by patterned and illustrated ones the most. This reminds me of my visits to Japanese stationery and art stores. If you like the Kawaii design then those stores are the right […]

personal branding

Personal Branding and Identity Design

Branding and Identity are for existing, and newly established businesses and personal brands too. Some entrepreneurs choose to run a personal brand rather than establish a corporation. It depends on each persona’s view, long-term goals, and vision. Those are necessary terms to know and understand in order to perform better in life and career-wise. Those […]

Painting Mediums: Watercolors, Acrylics, and Gouaches

Do you prefer to use a certain medium when painting? For me … I don’t, lol. I love using and experiment painting with different mediums. Each medium has its own uniqueness and effects. That’ why, depending on the painting technique you use, and the painting you’re working on (or final result of the painting), you […]


Declutter and Pave the Way

In a previous post, I wrote about investment. The ways of investing in different areas in your life. In this post, I’ll follow by writing about organizing and decluttering. We often overlook tiny details. Or, sometimes we overthink those tiny details. It all takes balancing between overlooking and overthinking. When you see some clutter piling […]


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About Me

Hello, I’m Anwaar, an entrepreneur and self-taught designers based in Kuwait. I teach about design, and art and write blog posts about those topics.

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